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Advancing the world’s
leading Open Cloud OS


The OpenStack Innovation Center (OSIC), established by Intel and Rackspace, is designed to accelerate enterprise adoption of the world’s leading open source cloud operating system while supporting open source principles



Accelerating enterprise adoption of OpenStack

The OpenStack Innovation Center (OSIC) aims to ready OpenStack for the enterprise workloads of tomorrow by inspiring the next generation of OpenStack developers, increasing upstream contributions and bug fixes, and enabling large-scale, community-wide development and testing.


We invite you to get involved. Check out the engineering roadmap and share your input with us. Use the 2,000-node developer cloud to develop and test new features and capabilities at scale. And help guide the future of OpenStack.




As a world-renowned IT research organization, IBM produces substantial breakthroughs.  Despite their size, IBM Research maintains an environment that nurtures some of the most innovative thinkers in the world.


Adapted from the October 2016 OpenStack Summit—Barcelona presentation by Melvin Hillsman (Rackspace) and Isaac Gonzalez (Intel)


Have you ever been curious about how much of a workload the OpenStack control plane can handle, before needing to scale horizontally? Based on the load, how will the API performance adjust?


Deploying OpenStack services directly to bare-metal can be difficult.  That’s why project lead Steven Dake and a few others started OpenStack Kolla.  It aims to provide produc




What is the OpenStack Innovation Center?