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The OpenStack Innovation Center (OSIC), a joint investment by Rackspace and Intel, aims to accelerate the enterprise adoption of OpenStack through continuous enhancements to the OpenStack platform to support increasingly robust workloads. In parallel, the Center seeks to foster open source principles, ensuring that efforts align with the goals of the OpenStack Foundation and that all work is contributed upstream.

Key Tenets

Grow the number of OpenStack contributors

The Center is designed to grow the OpenStack community by recruiting, hiring and training the next generation of OpenStack contributors through a program comprised of multiple, custom modules. The program begins with solid education around the fundamentals of OpenStack. Trainees then learn how to develop and write code in OpenStack, how to get their code reviewed and accepted upstream, and ultimately, how to attract and mentor the next bastion of OpenStack developers.


Increase upstream contributions to OpenStack

The Center seeks to advance the OpenStack platform by building the world’s largest joint engineering team to increase upstream contributions, focused on a shared agenda of development that drives its overall mission forward, along a number of vectors:


  • Manageability, including rolling upgrades and versioned object support in core services

  • Reliability and resilience, including hardening against failures and improving error handling

  • Scalability, including scheduler and integration enhancements

  • High availability, including volume replication and monitoring of latency and failures

  • Security and compliance, including encryption and network-security improvements

  • Simplicity, including ease of installation, deployment and use

  • Bug fixes across all of the projects


Enable community-wide OpenStack innovation at unmatched scale

Through OSIC, an unprecedented environment is available for use by the OpenStack community to enable development & testing at scale. This environment, comprised of 2,000 nodes, represents the world’s largest developer cloud. It serves as a nexus for collaboration across the OpenStack community, open to members of the community committed to advancing the OpenStack platform.

Guiding Principles

Align with the OpenStack Foundation

The Center is dedicated to advancing the goals of the OpenStack community by aligning with the OpenStack Foundation using a two-pronged approach—both tops-down and bottoms-up. This approach feeds all three of the key tenets—from the training program to the engineering roadmap and developer cloud—to enhance the manageability, scalability, reliability, high availability, and security of the OpenStack platform.


From a tops-down perspective, the Center publishes its engineering roadmap and solicits feedback on this roadmap through the OpenStack Foundation’s Enterprise, Product and Operator Workgroups. This approach ensures that the engineering team works on the right features to advance the OpenStack platform for use by enterprise customers, as validated by the community.


From a bottoms-up standpoint, the Center engages with the OpenStack community and invites individual contributors to suggest ideas for the roadmap, or contribute to the work already specified on the roadmap. Individuals can also make proposals to test new features and capabilities, taking advantage of the developer cloud to enrich collaboration.


Contribute all work upstream

In the true spirit of open source, the Center is committed to furthering open standards and preventing vendor lock-in by ensuring that all work is contributed upstream, working with the community to advance the collective state of the technology.


As an example, one of the requirements in gaining access to the developer cloud is that applicants must commit to sharing the results of their development and testing through the publication of white papers, operational guides, and other such documentation.



The OpenStack Innovation Center (OSIC) is governed by a board comprised of Intel (two members), Rackspace (one member) and the OpenStack Foundation (two members). This composition underscores the Center’s true community spirit, ensuring a system of governance that relies on merit, trust and transparency.


The Governance Board is in place to disposition requests for access to the 2,000-node developer cloud to ensure best allocation and use. Requests for access are made based on user case details, anticipated outcomes and benefits from proposed testing, and a commitment to share results of the testing upstream through publication of documentation, such as white papers, blueprints and operational guides. The Board then review, dispositions, and prioritizes these requests on a monthly basis in a way that ensures most effective allocation and use of this environment.


Criteria includes:

  • Project directly benefits OpenStack upstream, with an emphasis on enterprise readiness
  • Project solves an issue, problem or gap, or benefits the community as a whole
  • Project utilizes a minimum of one (1) server rack, or 500 cores
  • Applicant commits to publicize test results


OSIC Contributors

OSIC working flow