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OSIC Tests Deploying & Managing OpenStack to Bare-Metal with Kolla


Deploying OpenStack services directly to bare-metal can be difficult.  That’s why project lead Steven Dake and a few others started OpenStack Kolla.  It aims to provide production-ready, declarative deployment of OpenStack entirely in Docker containers. The Kolla project delivers Docker container definitions for deployment tools like Ansible and Kubernetes. 

Although OpenStack Ansible shares similarities with Kolla, Ansible deploys all services in lxc containers rather than Docker containers. The Ansible project started before Docker matured.  But the surge in Docker frameworks like Kubernetes, Mesos/Marathon, and Docker Swarm opens some interesting doors.

Intel’s Michal Jastrzebski is an active Kolla contributor and project team lead (PTL).  He tested Kolla’s functionality and performance on an OSIC bare-metal cluster.  For more information on his test results, as well as step-by-step instructions for using Kolla, read Michal’s published findings, and check out the Quick Start Guide.  If you’re using Ansible, the Quick Start Guide’s Ansible Playbook will make life much easier for you.