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Through the world’s largest OpenStack developer cloud established by the OpenStack Innovation Center (OSIC), the community can now develop and test code at scale beyond what has been possible before. In addition, this developer cloud serves as a blueprint for organizations to deploy OpenStack within their own environments.

If you are working on improving the manageability, reliability, availability, security, stability or operability of OpenStack at scale, we want to give you access to this environment—comprised of 2,000 nodes of the latest hardware—for your development and testing.


Please complete and submit the form to request access today. All submissions will be reviewed on a monthly basis, and dispositioned using the criteria below. Availability will depend on current utilization rates.


  • Project directly benefits OpenStack upstream, with an emphasis on enterprise readiness

  • Project solves an issue, problem or gap or benefits the community as a whole

  • Project utilizes a minimum of one (1) server rack, or 500 cores

  • Applicant commits to publicize test results


Learn more about the OSIC developer cloud

Request Access to the Cluster