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Can anyone outside of Intel and Rackspace work in OSIC?

Does OSIC consider input from the community with regard to its roadmap?

Does the existence of OSIC mean OpenStack is not ready for the enterprise?

How does OSIC support open source principles?

How is the OpenStack Foundation involved with OSIC?

How many OSIC engineers currently work on the roadmap, and what are the growth plans?

Is OSIC attempting to shift the direction of OpenStack?

Is OSIC creating a new distribution of OpenStack?

Is OSIC training available publicly, or only for OSIC developers?

What are the key terms and deliverables associated with OSIC?

What defines success for this collaboration?

What is the OpenStack Innovation Center (OSIC)?

What kind of training is OSIC doing?

Where can I find the roadmap of engineering engagements and work items?

Where is the OpenStack developer cloud located?

Who can use the OpenStack developer cloud?

Who established the OpenStack Innovation Center?

Why is Intel supporting OSIC?

Why is Rackspace supporting OSIC?