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VMware has acquired software-defined networking startup PLUMgrid

The virtualization giant Monday confirmed a report that it closed a deal Friday to acquire PLUMgrid Inc., an early contender in the software-defined networking space….

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The future of OpenStack and Kubernetes

News from the recent Tectonic Summit on how Kubernetes and OpenStack are working together…


Workload reference architectures address requirements for deploying OpenStack clouds

Need guidelines to get started with OpenStack? The Enterprise Working Group has your back….


Customizing OpenStack Docs to the Communities They Serve

We’ve existed since 2012, founded by ex-Racker and writer extraordinaire Anne Gentle…


How the new Project Team Gathering event affects OpenStack Ocata

Learn more about this new event and how a shorter cycle impacts the upcoming software release…


The Fifth China OpenStack Bug Smash Hosted in Shenzhen, Demonstrating China's Open source Technical Strength--Huawei, Intel and CESI gathered 63 outstanding OpenStackers under the guidance of China Open Source Cloud League, from 13 enterprises and institutes including Huawei, Intel, AWcloud, 99Cloud, Inspur, PoleX, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Hunan University… 

Google-Intel alliance boosts Kubernetes, machine learning, IoT, and more

Another area where Intel and Google could reap mutual benefit is Intel’s work with hardware-accelerated container technology: the Clear Containers project and the experimental OpenStack-like CIAO project that runs atop it…



OSIC aims to foster the next generation of OpenStack contributors through a program comprised of multiple, custom modules. Watch this brief video featuring graduates reflecting on what they’ve learned in this program.